Inviting discomfort

My mornings so often begin with running – it eases the body into the rhythm of the day, takes the edge of the energy of the dog and provides some grounding in the world – a feeling of being in touch with the raw outdoors.

This week was no exception – although the steepish Isle of Wight downland hills were exchanged for the decidedly mountainous Dorset Coastal Path – some of which was almost frightening to walk down let alone run up.

Running – together with many of my other passions, brings with it pain and discomfort at times – and with that a lesson in tolerance, the realisation that these feelings are transitory. It’s always tempting to avoid anything experienced as unpleasant – whether it be emotion, physical stress or just boredom, mundanity. To avoid is to miss the essential wisdom that suffering is part of life – and that to reach real contentment the secret lies in learning to accept and live through all experience – pleasant or unpleasant in order to cultivate real equanimity which is regardless of external circumstance.

A happy, incredibly messy and as always very inspiring, few days were spent in Clare Trenchard’s studio, battling with the art of sculpting in plaster. The lovely Clare welded my armature this time – but the next challenge is an arc welding day course, after which I will be let loose on larger creations.. I’m secretly hankering after a life size Highland Cow ….

Standing lurcher - work in progress

Standing lurcher – work in progress


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