The media famine experiment

Patience - polo pony resting

Patience – polo pony resting

We have had a quiet, still Autumnal morning in my household – one that wasn’t punctuated by the familiar background chatter of computer noise. It was a brave move on my part to break the morning routine which usually allows the small people of my house to scamper quietly downstairs and plug themselves into the electronic drug of their choice. Brave because those few golden morning minutes spent warm and still under the duvet seem like a haven of calm before the launch of the day.

The incentive for this new rule was the realisation that all of us – and in particular my two children on the autistic spectrum, function so much better in a quiet and ordered environment – it’s a tall order indeed in a family with six children, but the new system, which means that all homework and chores need to be done before any screen time, has had remarkable results already with homework completed without the usual battle, one child having taken himself on an early morning cycle and the car cleared of the beach detritus from the previous evening’s revelry. The day’s tasks were written clearly on the kitchen blackboard and followed without a squeak of protest.

Let’s hope my resolve continues after a late night and a couple of glasses of wine…..


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