Weekend Read (Watch or Listen)




Amy Liptrot:

The Outrun: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06wclxn

Ultimately uplifting, the story of an escape from the constraints of a childhood spent on a remote Scottish Island,which evolves into a tale of lost identity  and a captivating, beautifully constructed, gritty memoir of alcoholism and despair.

The harsh, rugged wildness of Oracadian life proves to be both jailer and ultimately redeemer in this moving autobiographical novel.





Neil Halstead is a surfer and song writer extraordinaire, based in Newquay England.  NME describe him as “One of Britains Best Kept Secrets” his melodic atmospheric folk inspired tunes make easy campfire (or other time) listening .

I think I prefer the video to last week’s Animal Collective offering……


Watch, Listen or Read:


Erwin James talks from personal experience on how life experiences predispose to criminality, how events shape the making of a person and on how the prison experience, the experience of reading and self belief can untangle the dysfunctions and allow for growth.

His timely book Redeemable describes how the damaged become damagers and talks with real wisdom and compassion on the power of hope, forgiveness and redemption.

Most prisoners in the UK will be released at some point – James argues eloquently that for all of our sakes,  imprisonment should bring with it the possibility of positive change.



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