Weekend Read Watch or Listen: The Sea

Plastic Mermaids again… great song and even greater video…..

Being an Island dweller, the sea plays a huge role in my life – it’s a constant source or inspiration, exercise and wonder. My daily walks provide a steady supply of treasured finds:

In the last few weeks I can count amongst the booty, a whale vertebrae, numerous cohabitations of goose barnacle, clinging vainly to their chosen home washed ashore in the winter swell; a sudden and surprise visit from a host of  by- the- wind- sailors – tiny  poetically named Velella velella -jellyfish with a delicate translucent internal support, carried by a “sail” on winds from warmer climates.


Vellela velalla “by – the – wind – sailors”


Minke whale vertebra


Goose Barnacles


This Weekend reads explore the sea in some unusual ways – from the beautifully filmed story of a woman who spends and unconventional life aboard lobster boats – and explores why and how she choses to live a life less ordinary:

Lobster fishing – a life chosen


Horatio Clare’s wonderful book exposes a world that coexists with our own but remains as alien to most of us as life on another planet. The world of the container ship and the mariners who unseen, supply almost all of our material goods is fascinating, gripping and moving in equal measure. This is one of my favourite books.

Down To The Sea In ships – Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men




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