Weekend Reads – Gentle Sounds


Quiet is a rare thing and listening an underrated art.

As a person who has very often run out of words to offer early in the evening at a social gathering, I’ve spent many hours being soothed by the humming of voices, the music that is apparent when any striving to pick up meaning ceases.

This weekends listens are sounds along these lines – somewhere between music and sound.

In The first: Millenium Mills – Aino Tytti captures the sounds recorded over a year in a derelict flour mill in London’s docklands. It’s a haunting and evocative audio description of decay, emptiness and the reverberating soul of a building shaping sound.

Aino Tytti – Millennium Mills



Be: one’s unusual and ethereal offering is suggestive of the background sounds of summer – from a bees perspective. Track 4 One Be


Composer Wolfgang Buttress says of the recording: ”

“It’s about listening rather than dictating. Trying to tune in and find harmony, where you’re working with something rather than against it. Humans like to think that they’re always in control but we should be learning to let go sometimes. It can be hard to do that but also quite liberating.”

The Hive itself – a 17 metre high cellular metal structure built for the Milan Expo will be recreated at Kew Gardens later this year.

I also enjoyed the wonderful Robert Macfarlane describing his perilous journey in search of  a remote gannet colony far off the Scottish Coast – lyrical writing and a fascinating tale of history recreated – it’s track three on the above link.



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