Photo 101: The Street




I’m taking a month long photography course in an attempt to improve my skills.

Today’s Photo 101 task was titled “Street”

It was obvious to me after a couple of hours that there are very few actual streets involved in my day to day life – maybe some rather dull wintery lanes but none of the bustling characterful urban scenes I had in mind, so here instead is one of my patients striding down her very own winter street to investigate the photographer in closer detail.

These cows live in cow luxury over the winter, with rubber mats and sawdust on their beds, they are milked by a robot which means they choose when to wander in, have food available 24/7 and spend their days eating, cudding, socialising and lying in their very own village, with a couple of central “streets”  Come the drier weather they’ll be outdoors but very often out of choice they’ll retreat back to the building to shelter from heat, flies or rain.


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