Photo 101: Water


Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight


Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight

This sea tells the story of a storm far out in the ocean, of mariners hours earlier in the wild darkness steering their container ships into the waves, of ocean defences holding up at least for now – and  Northerly wind meeting  Southerly storm on the high spring tide of a full moon.

It also tells of the timorous photographer daring to face such raw power and it laughs in the face of the Victorian engineer who thought to place his ornate iron lamps along the summer parade – the stumps of iron in the foreground are all that remain.




13 thoughts on “Photo 101: Water

  1. I knew you’d have something powerful to display for today’s challenge! Wow. You really capture the sea’s force. Interesting, too, the way the spray gleams golden almost… I get the sense that’s not exactly the ideal spot for an idle stroll along the shore. 🙂

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    1. On a usual day it’s a pretty sedate place, I swim here alot in the summer and it’s often crystal clear and flat calm with reefs either side of the bay. Today was fierce – frightening almost, the lower part of the sea wall which is visible in the photos is pretty much under water and I was standing on the terrace of the abandoned hotel hiding behind a pillar!
      Thanks for your comment – you tipped me off re the day’s topic whilst I was lying in bed this morning and before I’d looked at the photo101 prompt!

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      1. Ha! You’re welcome for the tip. And it’s really interesting the contrast you highlight. That contrast reminds me of the volatility of nature. One day the sea welcomes people in, the next it threatens to overwhelm anyone within reach. Each beautiful in its own way. As another of your readers has said, thanks for taking a risk and capturing the more forceful side of nature.

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