Weekend Read Listen Eat and Laugh

Heralding the start of Spring, Wild Garlic is coming to life in the woods. It’s a wonderful seasonal ingredient known appealing to the French as “Ail Des Ours” – Bear’s Garlic.

Wild Garlic

Ails Des Ours


Peter Seller’s “It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night” brings medicine of the very best kind to the weekend. His rendition of The Beatle’s classic song in the style of Richard the third is priceless.


Out Of The Ordinary

A discussion about the evils of feminism: this was certainly the most alarming thing I’ve come across all week – a well written documentary and a very unusual view on the relationship between the sexes. Please remind me never to sign up to join the rocket that these people want to take to repopulate other planets. Jaw dropping, it left me speechless (and that’s saying something).



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