Photo 101 – Monchrome


Shanklin Beach – Low Tide Breakwaters 


11 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Monchrome

  1. That is a really beautiful photo, if I was to suggest anything I would say think about rule of thirds so that the horizon is along the upper ‘third’ line or something. But please note that it really doesn’t need it as it is a great shot as it is.

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    1. Thank you I did vaguely think about the rule, I often find that trying to apply it affects my vision of the symmetry of the photo if that makes sense? My ocd tendencies I suspect. I will have a play and see what it looks like if I apply the rule. Thank you, food for thought and exactly what I need to make me experiment

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    1. Ahh…. thanks very much. Two weeks ago I’d barely held a camera so I’m a bit apprehensive about calling myself a photographer. Am getting better at spotting the shots I like, but still producing alot of embarrassing dross. I think the biggest improvement is that nowadays I’m not scared to try things out.

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      1. When I started we had stuff called film, which was relatively expensive at least to a school kid! It did, however, make you look a lot harder at the shot before pressing the button. I also used to practice looking through the viewfinder quite a lot without film in the camera, just trying out composition.
        These days with digital you can and should be able to practice taking lots of shots and try out different things. Don’t worry if you bin most of it, but you’ll learn along the way and hopefully keep learning and enjoying doing so!
        I really think you have a good eye for a photo.

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      2. I find it difficult to even see the shot on my phone screen – but in my head I know what I want which is a start – and I know when I’ve got what I want, which again is useful! Really struggling with the perspective shot today – still have taken a whole lot of a lovely rusting hulk of a ship…. It’s remarkable how difficult it is (for me at least) to produce something “to order” – good discipline though! Thanks for your encouragement – I nearly gave up at the beginning!

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      3. Sounds to me that you are doing fine; if you know what you want to get when you set out, then that’s half the battle. Though it can be frustrating when you start off if you don’t immediately get what you want.
        Don’t forget that editing is also a part of the process that you can use to refine your photograph. In the old days we did that in the dark-room, which was another “black art” in itself!

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