Photo 101 Movement and Scale



Spring Tide Sandown Isle of Wight



12 thoughts on “Photo 101 Movement and Scale

  1. This image recalls an earlier shot of yours — the one you posted for the “Water” challenge, I believe. The way the wave rises, almost forming a wall of water, is really compelling. Though a wall would in any other instance suggest stasis, here you’ve offered an image describing a natural, effervescent sort of barrier.

    It’s truly amazing to me that you were able to capture this image “suddenly”. I wonder if all the time you spent looking elsewhere for images of motion caused you to filter vision in such a way that allowed you to see the image of motion in the wave before the wave actually materialized. Could you have been priming the visual image-making pump, so to speak?

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  2. Yes it does – although the days were very different, with the first being a proper storm whereas this was a high tide in a much more sedate place, with waves slapping much more gently against the wall.
    It’s interesting that it does infact look like a wall – in the moment that wasn’t the case, the shot just caught what the eye didn’t see and because there wasn’t much power in the water it was pretty much a straight curtain of water.
    I think the visual image making pump is a really interesting idea – and yes, I’ve noticed it happening all the time now, rather distracting when I start to see photos in absolutely everything – and terrible for my running since I keep stopping…..

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  3. Ha! I can imagine! Just today I took a picture of some tomato plants my wife is sprouting to send to her while she was away visiting famuly, and before I knew it I was adjusting the image color by applying different filters, cropping the image to focus its impact… I had to stop myself, or I might have gone on fidgeting for much, much longer than was good for me.

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    1. Yes – I know that feeling exactly! I can see a promising photo in absolutely everything and I need to control myself… it’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, from fear of even taking one picture to almost filling my icloud in two weeks. I bet there’s a name for obsessive thinking in picture Patrick.

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