Simple Wisdom For Complex Lives

Sheep Grazing At Sunset, Gatcombe Down

Sheep Grazing At Dusk – Gatcombe Down, Isle of Wight

“When you are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. By attending to them, you will forget your anger and learn to live wisely.”

Marcus Aurelius



Weekend Read and Listen – Sounds For A Sunny Day


Rhain  hails from my sunny Island home, I think she’s one of the brightest upcoming stars in a world full of hidden talent. Continue reading

Joining The Dots – The Blood, Sweat And Flying Sparks of Creating Sculpture

Standing lurcher cast in bronze sculpture

Long Dog

Why do you sculpt?

It’s great to be questioned about (pretty much) anything. In answering, it requires forming thoughts into a coherent, communicable package, to consider rationally how and why I believe and behave in a certain way. Sometimes the answers are surprising, perhaps revealing patterns that have been long held simply out of habit. As with anything, it pays to take time to really consider  – in this case how the work is developed from the first embryonic seedling of contemplation, to the final placing of beast on plinth.

It’s a fascinating journey and one that that’s been brought into sharp focus recently by a question from a sceptical buyer: Continue reading

Weekend Read and Listen



Forrest Ride – Bluebells and Berries

As a writing platform, the internet is a mixed blessing, with some wonderful, creative well written offerings that nestle into the  – well, the less so… Pondering on this, I thought it would be worth using this as a platform to expose the content I enjoy. Please join in the conversation – share your likes and loves.

The first site is the wonderful cycle stuff  it’s beautifully put together, simply laid out and well written. I’m a cyclist – for transport, for fitness, for fun and many of the more obvious cycling resources fail to hit the spot, this one I love and look forward to the new offering arriving in my inbox.

Aeon magazine is a great source of inspiration – and now and then something really sparks my interest. This essay on the advantages of looking at parenting in a wider way certainly spoke to me with my eccentric, wonderful, crazy brood and our supporters.

Alloparenting – Is There A Better Way Than The Nuclear Family


And finally – some zone out music from a young contemporary Norwegian composer – really beautiful. Thanks to Rod Adams for sharing this.

Northern Lights – Ola Gjeilo

Luna Reflection – A Working Day

Ringwood, watermeadow, meandering

Dorset Water Meadow

The day starts early, as it so often does, with a ferry journey — a short chance to catch breath, a slow unfurling and a few moments to organise thoughts and watch the world awakening. This morning it’s peaceful, the sea a gently rippled dark petrol blue Continue reading