Weekend Read and Listen



Forrest Ride – Bluebells and Berries

As a writing platform, the internet is a mixed blessing, with some wonderful, creative well written offerings that nestle into the  – well, the less so… Pondering on this, I thought it would be worth using this as a platform to expose the content I enjoy. Please join in the conversation – share your likes and loves.

The first site is the wonderful cycle stuff  it’s beautifully put together, simply laid out and well written. I’m a cyclist – for transport, for fitness, for fun and many of the more obvious cycling resources fail to hit the spot, this one I love and look forward to the new offering arriving in my inbox.

Aeon magazine is a great source of inspiration – and now and then something really sparks my interest. This essay on the advantages of looking at parenting in a wider way certainly spoke to me with my eccentric, wonderful, crazy brood and our supporters.

Alloparenting – Is There A Better Way Than The Nuclear Family


And finally – some zone out music from a young contemporary Norwegian composer – really beautiful. Thanks to Rod Adams for sharing this.

Northern Lights – Ola Gjeilo


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