Weekend Read, Listen and Eat

Lymington, Isle of Wight Ferry

This weeks blog recommend is an offering from an inspiring young writer and English lecturer. Faller Ideas is a beautifully crafted offering, thoughtful, gently and humbly offered musings about life, writing, travel, love. Patrick has been inspiring me to keep on writing for a while now and is often reminding me that putting words out here creates connections, virtual friendships worth cultivating.

It’s birthday season in my household and my baking skills have been put to the test recently – the results not pretty enough to merit a photo but absolutely and totally delicious – my number one favourite is this Hummingbird Cake  it’s a family staple and we follow the version from the bakery of the same name. The book is tattered and has lost it’s cover, pages stuck together with errant cake mixture, it’s a testament to a recipe book that’s earned it’s keep!

Bic Runga is a singer songwriter I discovered while travelling in New Zealand  – in the UK she’s pretty much unknown but I continue to love her music – she sings with real purity and clarity. Music that stays in your head and themes that touch your heart.



9 thoughts on “Weekend Read, Listen and Eat

  1. I’m humbled. A little proud, too, I have to admit. But mostly humbled. I have to say, Hannah, that your travel pieces and photography have been inspiring me, too. I’m trying to post almost daily now, here or on Medium (I should probably doing a bit of both, really), and especially writers like you, my friend Joe Kane at wonderfulhorribletragic.WordPress.com, Miriam at outanabout.com, and Marsha Nathanson over on Medium, to name a few, help guide the writing, help me think about more clearly about how I’m saying what I’m trying to say, and offer pieces chock-full of the insight and experience I try to speak to in my posts.

    And I’m still trying to find my way page to the page rather than the screen. I think you’re absolutely right about there being something much more deliberate and personal and half-written work. Writing by hand brings a writer closer to the subject and his/her thoughts about it. Scenes show up. More vividly. Leaps in logic become more frequently and more revealing.

    I’m honored to be included here. Bic’s music is especially evocative and I’m grateful for your sharing it. She tells a story, picks out the telling details, hovers just on the near-side of heartbreak with the way she sings. I assume that’s her too on the guitar, and the way she plays the instrument reminds me of Cold Sparks’s slightly more percussive bluesy style. In other words: I’m hooked.

    Have a good weekend, my friend. Hopefully it’s a restful, productive one for you.

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    1. Yikes. I reread my comment just now and wish I’d taken the time to handwrite it and edit it before posting it! Please forgive my sloppiness.

      I especially wish to correct the second sentence of the second paragraph. What I wished to write there was this: “I think you’re absolutely right about there being something much more deliberate and personal about hand-written work.” Not half-written work. I’m really sorry about posting such a messy note.

      I’ll say again that it was an honor to have been included here in your weekend reads section. I’m looking forward to continuing to keep in touch with you and my fellow bloggers as the year rolls into spring.

      Best to you. And again, have a restful, productive weekend.

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  2. Hey Patrick – no apologies, I knew exactly what you meant! Sometimes I find the words just flow (typos and all) and I appreciate your spontaneity. If you like I’ll add a link to your medium site into the post too – although I’m trying to write on both, am struggling to keep up with it all at the moment and since, for me, that defeats the point of having fun, of slowing down and taking the time to write. I don’t know how you do it – but am glad you do. My weekend so far has been very lovely – sun shining, sea warming enough to tempt a swim…. You have a good one too.

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    1. Thanks, Hannah. I appreciate the link to FallerIdeas, and I appreciate the offer to link to my Medium account, too. No need to, though. I’m going to get a post up with the link soon.

      And how cool you and Miriam are connected now. I figured you both would have much to say to each other.

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  3. Hi Hannah, so lovely to find my way to your site and I feel welcomed already with Patrick’s lovely words above. I look forward to exploring more of your blog, which I can tell already resonates with me, Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Hummingbird cake and all!

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    1. Hello Miriam and welcome! Patrick is a great connector and I’m so pleased to have found you too. Oh yes to the Hummingbird Cake – and far too much of it…. I’ve woken to a beautiful morning, it’s green, lush Spring here at the moment and the dog is pleading to go out, so we’re off to the beach. Enjoy yours too.

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      1. Oh, the beach sounds fabulous! What a lovely way to spend the day. Enjoy that beautiful weather with your dog, they have a way of getting what they want, don’t they? 🙂

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