Weekend Read and Listen – Sounds For A Sunny Day


Rhain  hails from my sunny Island home, I think she’s one of the brightest upcoming stars in a world full of hidden talent. A singer songwriter with a unique, pure, melodious voice, she performs with raw feeling and the result is something really quite spectacular. At the moment she has only one solo recording, but there are, she assures me, more to come and in the meantime you can catch her as the wonderful, glamorous backing singer on many of the offerings from another of my favourite Isle of Wight offerings – Plastic Mermaids

The blog for this week is Ted Kessler’s My Old Man – Tales of Our Fathers It’s a simple concept – people, some famous and some more ordinary, talking about their Dad’s. It’s both entertaining and intensely moving and for me, a reminder, if one was needed, to feel gratitude towards my parents. Really worth checking out.

Becoming Minimalist is full of inspiring advice aimed at deciphering the nitty gritty of living more simply – this weeks offering on saving money is a super easy, quick read and the couple of tips they offer are a quick and painless kickstart of the process.


Finally to accompany you on your summer road trip, try Tony Joe White The Tennesse Swamp Fox who’s new albums reeks of bass rich Southern Country unrest a la Thelma and Louise.




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