A Single Weekend Read – Slow Weekend


Moon reflecting over sea onto sand

Full Moon Bantham Sands, Devon

Being an inveterate multi tasker (since when has that been a quality to be proud of?)  I’ve felt, over the past few weeks, a kind of spiralling, out of control.A sensation of building up momentum, that is not entirely pleasant and seems to be self perpetuating, in that the more I have to do, the longer the list, the faster I attempt to live, the more I tend to try to escape from the hectic chaotic soup that my life seems to have become. Escape by distraction leads to the need for yet more distraction until the world becomes a self perpetuating tangled ball of twine, rolling down an ever steeper incline.

With this in mind (and I’m being somewhat dramatic here, it’s really not that bad), this weekend I’m going to attempt a technology fast. I’m often in danger of sounding whiter than white when I exclaim that I don’t have a television (that satanic device) and that nowadays even very poor radio signal – however I do have a trusty laptop and a ridiculously fancy phone both of which supply plenty enough of the distraction drug of choice.

So – this week only a single read and a very good and timely one at that. Oliver Burkeman writes in The Guardian on the exhaustion caused by attempting to divide attention and provides a few gentle ideas about how not to get caught between your news feed and your inbox.

If you catch me commenting here – or elsewhere over the weekend, you know my resolve has failed………


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