Weekend Read Listen and Watch

ship viewed from cliff through sea pinks

Tall Ship at Dusk, Freshwater Bay

It’s widely accepted that trauma in childhood may predispose towards mental health difficulties in adults, but recent research shows that the effects may be much more far reaching than previously imagined. That damage at a cellular level caused by emotional or physical trauma early in life – or even in utero, can cause irreversible changes in the way that DNA is expressed and lead to poor physical health in later life.

In an extract from her book: ‘Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal’  Donna Jackson Nakazawa Jackson explores the growing body of evidence that suggest that our current condition is strongly influenced by our past and considers ways that by employing a more holistic approach which embraces physical and mental wellbeing healthcare might be most effectively channeled.


This Weekend Listen is a song with a personal history and one that never fails to make me want to dance. The skater in the video is a friend of mine – a uniquely talented singer, artist and – as he so ably demonstrates in this short film, he has hidden talents on the ice…. take it away Nick Martin and Clean Bandit!



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