This evening on the longest day, in the quiet hour between dusk and dark

A Pair of buzzards circled high in twisted soar, angled, banking low

Until with soft thud on leaf strewn peaty forest floor,

The smallest lay silent.

I carried him, softly tawny feathered.

Down fine as hair lay swirled over amber shrouded ebony beak.

As beak gently opened and flint fierce claws unfurled I gazed into eyes deep as blackest

open ocean

And in him saw all the sorrows of the world, with wildness lost to him forever.

In this long shared moment I seemed to feel what it meant to be he

And in his raptor gaze returned, I thought he recognised a fellow creature in me.


2 thoughts on “Buzzard

  1. This is awesome, Hannah. It seems to achieve an effect similar to the effect your sculpture achieves. This raptor becomes both fierce and razor-sharp but also knowable through your poetic rendition. We see in the buzzard a fellow creature with a personality shaped by “wildness lost”. Love that characterization.

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