Simple Living for Complex Lives – Campfire Food

images (2)IMG_3435

The Summer holidays in these parts bring evenings and early mornings spent on the beach, children wetsuit clad dipping in and out of the sea or wallowing in the muddy reed lined pools scattered through the lunar landscape of gradually subsiding grassland that clothes the lower cliff slopes. With no school the next day and a release of all the usual deadlines, it’s no matter that they reappear clad in thick clay, bog creatures emerging from the primordial soup.

When hunger begins to call the troops back to the base camp with dancing driftwood flames, the creation of food becomes part of the game and the simplest meal is a delight when eaten with real relish by its creators.

A few years ago a particularly resourceful friend created in front of our very eyes, some twisted fire cooked bread that has remained a favourite ever since. A bowl of self raising flour is mixed to a stiff dough, with fingers and a can of lager – some recipes suggest adding sugar, but it’s fine just as is. When the consistency allows, everyone is allocated a ball of dough which is then twisted around a stick – sourced on an earlier beach foraging session and each holds their offering into the fire – ideally with a heat somewhere between ember and flame, until, by some kind of miracle, the sticky dough cooks into a succulent bread, somewhere between scone and roll. Add butter and jam – or for a touch of real decadence, some clotted cream……




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