Farewell Facebook – Being More With Less


This is home – Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, evening after a storm

The dawn of a New Year adds impetus to the good intentions of the past few months. Cupboards have been stripped and reordered leaving a skeleton wardrobe of clothes that as my newly found guru Marie Kondo, she of the obscenely tidy Japanese closet instructs: “bring me joy” Continue reading


Weekend Read, Listen and Contemplate for a Happy New Year



It’s always inspiring and uplifting to come across some really original talent and in Cosmo Sheldrake – a 25 year old British musician there’s both a plenty. Continue reading

Weekend Read and Listen: Why Life Is Not a Journey



The wry, wise humour of British Philosopher  Alan Watts shines bright in this short film on the fruitlessness of striving to “get somewhere” and the beauty to be found in experiencing life as a dance rather than a race or a competition. Continue reading

A Single Weekend Read – Slow Weekend


Moon reflecting over sea onto sand

Full Moon Bantham Sands, Devon

Being an inveterate multi tasker (since when has that been a quality to be proud of?)  I’ve felt, over the past few weeks, a kind of spiralling, out of control. Continue reading

Weekend Reads and Listen

Braving the water for a paddle, isle of wight

Spring Morning Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight


The countryside believes that Spring has arrived – acid green shoots are beginning to scatter throughout the newly ploughed fields, the woodland is carpeted in bluebells and the big swells of the winter have given way to flat seas, sparkling in the clear morning light Continue reading