Weekend Read, Listen and Contemplate for a Happy New Year



It’s always inspiring and uplifting to come across some really original talent and in Cosmo Sheldrake – a 25 year old British musician there’s both a plenty. Continue reading


Weekend Read, Listen and Dance – The Wonders of The Sea and Land


Compton Beach Isle of Wight


This wonderfully stylish online magazine suggests that Thalassotherapy – the ancient art of bathing in  seaweed, is a remedy for all kinds of ills, aches and pains, sports injuries and softens the skin in the process. Toast Travels: Bathing in Seaweed has inspired me to harvest some of our local bounty, dry it and give it a try – before and after pictures to follow……

My daily work involves contact with many ground level food producers, farmers who farm well, produce a quality product in an ecologically sustainable and welfare friendly system. I’m constantly appalled by how little we English value our food and how negative our food culture. It’s a huge up hill battle to change these kinds of ingrained attitudes but it was heartening to discover the excellent Campaign For Real Farming website.

“We need a true food culture – people who truly appreciate what good food is, and are prepared to seek it out.”


Finally something to dance to….. Johnny Flynn is one of my favourite artists. His folk inspired very English music echoes country life in times gone by and with this mix it catapults it very much into the present day. Country Mile is the song of the moment in my house.

Weekend Read and Listen: Why Life Is Not a Journey



The wry, wise humour of British Philosopher  Alan Watts shines bright in this short film on the fruitlessness of striving to “get somewhere” and the beauty to be found in experiencing life as a dance rather than a race or a competition. Continue reading

Weekend Read Listen and Watch

ship viewed from cliff through sea pinks

Tall Ship at Dusk, Freshwater Bay

It’s widely accepted that trauma in childhood may predispose towards mental health difficulties in adults, but recent research shows that the effects may be much more far reaching than previously imagined. Continue reading

Weekend Read and Listen



Forrest Ride – Bluebells and Berries

As a writing platform, the internet is a mixed blessing, with some wonderful, creative well written offerings that nestle into the  – well, the less so… Pondering on this, I thought it would be worth using this as a platform to expose the content I enjoy. Please join in the conversation – share your likes and loves.

The first site is the wonderful cycle stuff  it’s beautifully put together, simply laid out and well written. I’m a cyclist – for transport, for fitness, for fun and many of the more obvious cycling resources fail to hit the spot, this one I love and look forward to the new offering arriving in my inbox.

Aeon magazine is a great source of inspiration – and now and then something really sparks my interest. This essay on the advantages of looking at parenting in a wider way certainly spoke to me with my eccentric, wonderful, crazy brood and our supporters.

Alloparenting – Is There A Better Way Than The Nuclear Family


And finally – some zone out music from a young contemporary Norwegian composer – really beautiful. Thanks to Rod Adams for sharing this.

Northern Lights – Ola Gjeilo