Who I am and why I’m here

Who I am is, strangely, a difficult question. I am Hannah and dependent upon what moment you glimpse me, I may be vet, mother, sculptor, distance runner, swimmer, singer, somewhat buddhist and invariably insatiably curious.

I began writing for myself, in order to think more clearly about my own pattern of living, a balance of life, work and relationship that I assumed was peculiar to me. As I’ve continued to write – and to talk I’ve realised that this is more than my individual story, that many other people, even those whose lives on the surface appear porcelain perfect, are grappling with the same questions as I and are trying to evolve another rhythm, one that allows for creative pauses, individualism and some solitude and respite from a world in which it can be very difficult to be at peace with oneself.

Life has a habit of imprinting form upon a person – and I’m sure that the writing here encompasses many echoes from my past. I have been incredibly blessed in having an upbringing that encouraged creativity and curiosity, that questioned the divisions between art, science, spirituality. philosophy and environment.

Sharing in this way if a real pleasure and is also a great discipline for one who tends to be scattered in many directions. My remit for the next few months is to try to experiment with style and in particular to write with more sparsity. I’m humbled at how many people have stopped to share the journey so far and I hope that if you choose to stop by here, as someone who’s also alive, you’ll find something here for you too.


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