You cannot find peace by avoiding life.
Virginia Woolf

With Only One Life is about travel, adventure in the widest sense but also about finding ease of being in an increasingly chaotic world, about clearing the clutter in order to focus on what is important delving into the nooks and crannies of being alive. It’s about a certain kind of freedom, that comes from choosing to be open to life itself, whatever it may bring: joys, sorrows, passion, failures, triumphs.

Slowing down, taking time to savour and to really be present is a persistent theme and partly as a result, I’ve taken to writing much of what appears here longhand, with an HB pencil in a cream lined notebook. It means I’m required to take time over the words, to read and reread and it’s enhanced my enjoyment making the whole experience more of a creative process – I’ve no idea if that actually translates to the reader, but I’ll keep at it and look forward to hearing your comments to keep me on track.

I write about what I love – which means the blog has a pretty spacious feel to it, encompassing the joys of adventure, travel, running, swimming and cycling, singing, living with passion, enthusiasm and freedom, together with a sprinkling of very basic, pragmatic, life enhancing philosophy.

I hope this it might provide some inspiration, maybe some new ideas – something useful, occasionally even something remarkable. Each week in Weekend Reads there’s a small selection of interesting ideas to explore  whilst the Luna Reflections published on the full and new moon every month explore journeying in the widest sense.

The title With Only One Life comes from a very fine poem of the same name by Romanian poet Marin Sorescu. I like it very much – short, serious and just a little irreverent.



5 thoughts on “About

    1. Gosh that is really kind – and very unexpected. I am very grateful and touched by your nomination – and the fact that you’ve enjoyed reading. I find it very difficult to write “for someone” and am constantly surprised and delighted that there are other people out there like yourself who find something in my writing too. Thank you so much!

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  1. I love your photos. Your pictures say a lot to me. One thing I understand is that you love Earth! That’s the feel I get, strongly. I am glad I bumped into your blog. I’m inspired. Thank you.


    1. So glad that they resonated with you – and yes you’re absolutely right, I love the earth, nature, the outdoors and am endlessly curious – thanks for the lovely comment – I’ve followed you too and looking forward to connecting further.

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