Weekend Read – Real Entertainment

Gem Hall3

I fight a constant battle, in my house, prising the children away from their preferred screen based entertainment and making some attempt to let them really experience life first hand. Continue reading


Simple Living for Complex Lives – Campfire Food

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The Summer holidays in these parts bring evenings and early mornings spent on the beach, children wetsuit clad dipping in and out of the sea or wallowing in the muddy reed lined pools scattered through the lunar landscape of gradually subsiding grassland that clothes the lower cliff slopes. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – Something To Smile About


Bear the dog has been badgering me for a while to include this on the blog . I hope it will make you smile too.

Ace Kavale is a truly brilliant adventure photographer, in this inspired piece of film, his longtime companion, Desert Dawg gives his own very personal dogs eye view on life with his man, adventure, wild beauty and simple, unconditional love.

My favourite film for a while: Ace Kvale and The Desert Dawg

Simple living – Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

beetroot and chocolate cake

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Having a vegetable box delivered every week feels good in lots of ways – it’s lovely to support a small local grower,try unusual varieties that the supermarkets don’t stock, to keep food miles to a minimum and to eat produce that is truly fresh. Continue reading

Lunar Reflection – Love is Being There


The Hive – Wolfgang Buttress


It’s interesting to notice that the stereotypical US military hero – he of the Top Gun aviator shades and sharp, preppy haircut, almost always has his eyes covered. Continue reading