Them And Us: Connection And Kindness Against The Odds



It sometimes seems we live in a culture that cultivates suspicion and mistrust Continue reading


Luna Reflection – Generosity, Interdependence and Abundance


Surfing I Surf Isle of Wight

For the last year or so, we’ve hosted travellers from all over the world, offering the use of the garden as a campsite, a warm shower or a spare bed if there happens to be one. It’s a kind of touring cyclist version of couch surfing – a reciprocal arrangement where you are invited to act as both host and guest, giver and recipient. Continue reading

Lunar Reflection – Love is Being There


The Hive – Wolfgang Buttress


It’s interesting to notice that the stereotypical US military hero – he of the Top Gun aviator shades and sharp, preppy haircut, almost always has his eyes covered. Continue reading

Luna Reflection – A Letter To My Children On Acceptance



The scent of Ambre Solaire sun oil mingling with ripe fruit  is one of my earliest memories of a childhood spent on a farm overlooking fields of black currants at the foot of the Sussex Downs. Resurrected by a week of hazy dusky warmth, a heady breath of amber, cream, warm skin and summer heat, Continue reading

Joining The Dots – The Blood, Sweat And Flying Sparks of Creating Sculpture

Standing lurcher cast in bronze sculpture

Long Dog

Why do you sculpt?

It’s great to be questioned about (pretty much) anything. In answering, it requires forming thoughts into a coherent, communicable package, to consider rationally how and why I believe and behave in a certain way. Sometimes the answers are surprising, perhaps revealing patterns that have been long held simply out of habit. As with anything, it pays to take time to really consider  – in this case how the work is developed from the first embryonic seedling of contemplation, to the final placing of beast on plinth.

It’s a fascinating journey and one that that’s been brought into sharp focus recently by a question from a sceptical buyer: Continue reading

Luna Reflection – A Working Day

Ringwood, watermeadow, meandering

Dorset Water Meadow

The day starts early, as it so often does, with a ferry journey — a short chance to catch breath, a slow unfurling and a few moments to organise thoughts and watch the world awakening. This morning it’s peaceful, the sea a gently rippled dark petrol blue Continue reading