Weekend Reads and Listen

Braving the water for a paddle, isle of wight

Spring Morning Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight


The countryside believes that Spring has arrived – acid green shoots are beginning to scatter throughout the newly ploughed fields, the woodland is carpeted in bluebells and the big swells of the winter have given way to flat seas, sparkling in the clear morning light Continue reading


Weekend Read and Listen


Fishermen Devils Rock Aourir

My Summer Soundtrack is an old song newly discovered which will always bring with it memories of a van  driven lazily along dusty dirt roads, the ocean ahead with the shadowy, ochre foothills of the Atlas Mountains behind. Continue reading

Lunar Reflection – Travel and Gratitude


Bridge Over The River Neris – Vilnius, Lithuania


Travelling – if it involves leaving behind preconception, approaching the new with wide and wondering eyes and flinging aside habit, can be a wild and wonderful thing Continue reading